Handmade UDON noodle making experience workshop class at IRICOSKY in Osaka, Japan

Enjoy experience UDON making in Osaka with your kids or friends!

Udon is very popular and traditional food in Japan.
At IRICOSKY, you will learn how to make udon from scratch with the instructor born at Kagawa-prefecture where is known for “SANUKI UDON” – most famous udon in Japan. Why don’t we make Udon together and eat it?

(The class will take two hours long, and a half hour to eat your udon)

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The ingredients of udon are simple: flour, salt, and water.
Making udon is simple too: mix the ingredients, step on the dough (!), spread, and cut. That is the all of udon making, and you are fun through the lesson.
You will have a good time whether with kids, with friends, or alone.

This is a workshop for everyone from children to adults to enjoy making handmade udon noodles.
The workshop will be held in a small group setting with a homey atmosphere. You will be able to make friends with other participants from other groups.

You make udon noodle for 2 or 4 servings per one group. Of course, you can eat your udon right then there cooking by yourself in KAMA-AGE style!

The instructor is not so good at English, but we believe you will enjoy the class. It’s a lot of fun!

The columns written by the guest
Cooking classes can dish out plenty of culture bites” on The Japan Times by Mr. JASON JENKINS (SEP 17, 2017)
How to Make Udon Noodles: Cooking Japanese Food with Kids” another column also by Mr. JASON JENKINS (SEP 17, 2017)

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Click the number, the screen will change to the application form.

The number below the time (on the right side for PC) is the number of groups that can be reserved.
Click on the number to change the screen to the application form.

The class will take 2.5 hours, and each group will consist of 2-5 people. 3 groups (max. 16 people) per slot.
The venue is not large. If all participants are adults, it may feel small.

May, 2022
April, 2022

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Discounts (-¥300)

  • Group discounts (after 2nd grouos)

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  • Repeater: -¥300
  • Repeat 3times: -¥500
  • Repeat 4times: -¥800

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Details of the Udon making class

Starting time

Start at 10:00 and 14:00
Meet 15 minutes before the start.
Closed: Tuesday (subject to change)
Time required: 2 hours + 30 minutes for meals

Other guests may join the same slot. Please don’t make other guests wait.
If you late more than 10 minutes after class started, we will cancel your reservation and will charge the cancellation fee.

Participation fee

Class fee
Apply for 1 group
・“2 servings” course (1 to 2 persons): 3,960 JPY
・“4 servings” course (1 to 4 persons): 5,940 JPY

Apply for 2 groups Total2 to 5 people
・“2 groups of 2 servings” : 6,820 JPY
・“2 groups of 4 servings” : 10,780 JPY
・“2 servings and 4 servings” : 8,800 JPY

Tasting your udon: 550 JPY (per person per dish)

One additional child under 3 years old and one infant can be added to each course.

The number of participants for each course includes parents, observers, etc.

If you select “Apply for 2 groups” plan, you will use two worktable facing each other and will need 2 adults.
However, “Apply for 2 groups” plan is limited to 2 applications each slot.

Cancellation fee
On the day: 100%, The previous day: 50%
Especially on holidays, we may be refusing other customers. So please inform us as soon as possible when you become hard to come.

Personal belongings

Just bring yourself (with clothes you don’t mind getting dirty), but there are a few things for your comfort.
・Socks (used when step on the dough, but the dough wrapped by plastic bag)
・Apron (rental for 100 JPY)

Bring back things

You will make udon noodle for 2 or 4 servings.
Of course, you can eat here all or take home half.
・Dip soup (for 4 servings, for eat here)
・Textbook how to make udon noodle (in English or in Japanese)
・Certificate of Completion
If you will take your udon home, the udon noodle and source are good for 1 week if kept in the fridge.


Iricosky, an udon noodle factory

#204 (Floor 2), Daia-paresu Yotsubashi, 1-31-3,
Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
(Google Maps

For more details, refer to “Access to Iricosky

Iricosky map


  • Floor 2 of the apartment “Daia-Paresu Yotsubashi”
    NOT “Shinmachi Daia-Paresu” nor “Shinmachi Daia-Paresu II”
  • There is the entrance of the apartment between “Yobareya Curry” and “Kuroimajo.”
  • Please go up to Floor 2 with the elevator on the inside most of the entrance.

Near subway stations
Nishiohashi station
(N14 : Nagahori Turumi-ryokuchi line)
3 minutes’ walk from Exit 2
(Walking route from Nishiohashi)
Yotsubashi stations

(Y14 : Yotsubashi line)
5 minutes’ walk from Exit 2 of the north ticket gate
(Walking route from Nishiohashi)

If you come from Umeda station or Namba station, it will be convenient to use this station.

Shinsaibashi station
(M19 : Midosuji line)
9 minutes’ walk from Exit 2 of the north ticket gate
Through the “CRYSTA Nagahori” (underground shopping center) in the west direction, to Yotsubashi station.
(Walking route from Shinsaibashi)

We don’t recommend this route. We recommend taking subway Nagahori turumi-ryokuchi-line for Taisho from the Shinsaibashi station to the Nishiohashi station. Nishiohashi is the next station of Shinsaibashi.

There is no parking lot at Iricosky.
Coin-operated parking are marked with “P” on the map.
Bicycle parking
There is no Bicycle parking lot at Iricosky.
In the crossing of NAGAHORI-dori and NANIWA-suji, there is a bicycle parking of Osaka-City.


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